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16 March 2023
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Highland Perthshire; an area famed for dramatic mountains, glens and lochs, ancient castles and unspoilt nature…. the heart of Perthshire is known as Big Tree Country and boasts some of Europe’s most remarkable woodlands. In fact, Perthshire has such a high quality of environment that it actually has a unique opportunity to be or become the best place to be or live in Scotland… But just because it’s the best place to engage with the environment, this doesn’t mean it will just happen if local or regional decision makers (take note Perth & Kinross Council) just continue to supply lip service. What this region needs now more than ever is a lot more forward planning by people with creativity and imagination (local government should realize they are fortunate to be located in this region), as it can only be the best place to engage with the environment if those behind the infrastructure in Perthshire actually start delivering!

What people need in general is an improvement to their quality of life, sustainability and a green/low-carbon economy – and Sustainability is not just environmentalism… it is the combination of society, the economy, and the environment. The UN actually have 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) which they hope to achieve by 2030 (that is only 7 years away now)… if you would like to know more on that front then go online and search for ‘Sustainable Development Goals & United Nations’.

Meanwhile, here in Perthshire, HBT will continue to guide all tours out onto quiet roads. We can reach all corners of the Perthshire countryside using our E-Bikes. And when out on one of our tours you will get to see so much more when out on a bike ride.. from dense woodland and open plains, rare wildlife and stunning scenery.. you will also cycle past ruined castles and ancient distilleries. Our E-Bikes also assist when cycling up hills. So why not join us for a spot of adventure, while breathing in all that fresh air.

We do cycle tours, but sometimes when environmental issues are raised they are worth pursuing.. especially when they have any kind of impact on ecotourism (sustainable transport) or conserving the environment

What our guests say

We had a great time on a private tour. The bikes were excellent and Terry was able to customize the tour to what we wanted. Highly recommend booking this tour.

Morgan Elk

Loved our day with Highland Bike Tours! Equipment was in great shape (helmets, vests, and bikes). I learned and saw things I would not have been able to see by car or if I had biked on my own.


Had a great tour around Perth. Great cycling and learned a lot about the landscape (and also whiskies). Of course, it is also an added bonus that you can do this tour in Dutch. Terry speaks perfect Dutch as a Scot and can also tell a nice story. Recommended!

Pim Bleeker

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How to book your Tour

There are no cash payments at the premises, so all tours must be booked in advance, or paid by debit or credit card (at the shop/hub) prior to the tour. All our tours starting in Pitlochry can now be booked online.

Please note that there are only a maximum of 4 places on any given tour.

It is also worth mentioning that if the ‘private tour’ option has been booked in advance then there are no other places or bikes available on that day. For more info about the ‘private tour’ (from 1 up to a maximum of 3 people for the same fee) please see our Tours section, or simply contact us by email or via the website.

To reserve your place on one of our tours that start in Perth, you can either send us an email to [email protected], or simply complete the Contact Us section. As there are only 4 slots on any of our tours we operate on a first-come first-served basis with all our bookings. Please also include the height of each person - We will then supply you with the correct frame size.

Highland Bike Tours (HBT) make use of Hybrid E-Bikes with a classic Dutch design, so suitable to use while wearing casual clothing. You can view images of these e-bikes on the FAQs page (see above), or on our Instagram link (see below).

Guided E-Bike Tours also in the Dutch language. NL: Samen met een Nederlandssprekende tourgids ervaar je al het moois dat de Schotse Hooglanden te bieden heeft op een unieke manier. Vanaf 2023 zijn er tours die vertrekken vanuit Pitlochry! - Voor meer info zie ook: (our Dutch language website)

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