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We use E-Bikes from the Dutch A-Brand Gazelle and Sparta for all our tours. They are top quality bikes! (see images of both the low and high step versions)

Highland Bike Tours will be using Hybrid E-Bikes with a classic Dutch design, that are both stylish and comfortable, and have been manufactured to provide distance and reliability that only the best Dutch bikes are known for throughout the cycling world.



Perth, the city that was Scotland's capital for five centuries, is situated on the banks of the River Tay, near Scone Palace - the ancient crowning place of Scottish kings on the Stone of Scone, and breathes history like nowhere else in Scotland!

For the 2023 season we will also start and finish tours from a new hub in Pitlochry.

Perth is located in the heart of the country. Its central location provides easy access to the city and the region, and Perth's old Victorian train station offers direct links to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling and Inverness.

By car (if you must), Edinburgh is less than an hour, while Glasgow Airport is about an hour and a half drive away. The good news is that there is a frequent intercity electric bus service between Edinburgh (Airport) and Perthshire, which is operated by Ember.

Pitlochry is just North of Perth, and has a railway station on the mainline route between Perth and Inverness.

There is also a direct sleeper train from London which stops at both Perth and Pitlochry.

Of course there are plenty of hills, but with an E-bike this is not a problem. In fact, by using an E-Bike you still have to pedal, but you have time to look around while cycling, even have a chat with your friends, and actually enjoy the experience!

This is the UK, so there are not many cycle paths outside the cities, but the roads here in Perthshire are also much quieter.

HBT have selected the best routes on roads that have very little traffic. In fact, on some parts of your tour you will hardly see other road users.

A full day tour is usually from 10am to approximately 4 - 5pm (this includes a stop for a lunch break or whisky distillery tour)

A half day tour is between 3 and 4 hours, and depending on other bookings can be scheduled as desired - Here in Perthshire during the summer months there is daylight for about 18 hours per day!

All tours either start and finish from our hub in Perth City Centre, or from our new hub in Pitlochry (from summer 2023).

The Highland Perthshire Tour that starts from Pitlochry at 11am is usually between 4 and 5 hours, but the half day option can also be taken from this location.

During 2022 we offered the 'E-Bike Taster Experience' where up to 4 people can take part in a shorter 2 hour tour around the Perthshire countryside. Please email us for more info on 2023 departure dates/times.

It’s not a race, so dress for comfort and enjoy the ride!

Casual clothing is fine (so no need for lycra or sportswear when using our Dutch style hybrid E-Bikes).. If in doubt, go online and see how people over in NL, Belgium and other countries cycle around to the shops, schools or to work on a daily basis.

Our E-Bikes are based on the traditional Dutch design, so they even have an enclosed chain guard, and include panniers. It really doesn't get any comfier or easier!

We would require you to wear a “Hi-Vis” (Reflective Vest) on public roads. You will be given one on loan at the start of the tour.

In addition, there is no helmet requirement in the UK, but there are bicycle helmets at the shop/hub which you are free to use.

Each bicycle also has a pannier bag containing a rain poncho and plenty of space for personal items.

On the West Coast of Scotland it has about three times as much rainfall as the annual average in the Netherlands. But here in Perthshire we're not on that West Coast!

Let me put it this way; Over the last 4 to 5 years (since 2019) I've been on my bike almost every day in and around Perth and Perthshire, and have  only used that rain poncho twice! -  It's really not that bad up here during the summer months.

Maximum of 4 people per tour (the local guide who will accompany you, speaks both English and Dutch).

Unfortunately, this is not possible. In addition, the infrastructure here in the UK is not ideal (sadly very poor road surfaces compared to rest of Europe). Our bicycles are therefore carefully selected for use on the roads, and meet all your requirements (including comfort!). The guide is also familiar with the E-bikes, so if there are any unforeseen issues, he can quickly fix them.

Our e-bikes are also designed for road use, so our tours are never off-road, on gravel paths, or across any mountain trails.

Highland Bike Tours offer guided E-Bike Tours around Highland Perthshire. All guests are provided with one of our Dutch style E-Bikes for their tour. We do not rent out any bikes, e-bikes or other bicycle equipment on an individual basis.

All photos on HBT's Instagram (link is at the bottom of this page) were taken during our bike tours, so not just beautiful scenery. Perthshire has a rich history, culture, and here in the UK is nicknamed 'Big Tree Country' (info and link:

And just for context, on the west coast of Scotland a lot of the mountains (munros) and landscape can be pretty barren.. but here in Highland Perthshire there is an abundance of forests as part of the scenery.

Sometimes it's so quiet outside the cities and urban areas that you don't see any other traffic... so instead, you get to admire deer, red squirrels, foxes, badgers, birds of prey including eagles, and of course we have 'the famous grouse' here that gave its name to a blended whisky, and then in Perth itself; beavers have been active in the River Tay for a few years now!

For history, there are castles or ruins everywhere we cycle (from Mary Queen of Scots to Macbeth.. just outside Perth is Scone Palace, and then there's Balhousie Castle in the centre of Perth which is the museum for The Black Watch regiment).. Perth has an intriguing royal history.


If the weather is expected to be particularly bad we will either not schedule a tour for that day or cancel as soon as possible in advance * -  The tour will then be given on another day if possible. Whether a tour will take place is decided by the tour guide.

* So far (July 2023) no tour has ever been cancelled by HBT due to weather conditions (here in Highland Perthshire it's usually good cycling weather!)

Yes, this is possible, for 1 person up to a maximum of 3 people. You can plan the tour of your choice as you wish, which also includes the departure time.

An adjusted rate applies and this is then the total fee for the entire group.

Please contact us via the website or by email for more info, or to confirm dates. This to ensure nobody else can book a tour on that day, as we operate on a first-come first-served basis with all our bookings.

E-bikes will be returned to HBT, and then if the tour has started in Perth a malt whisky from Perthshire can be tasted (we are lucky that there are many world famous malt whisky distilleries in this region of Scotland), so there is a choice for a wee dram from Glenturret, Edradour, Blair Athol, Aberfeldy, Tullibardine, Old Perth, Auchnagie, or Dalwhinnie from Perthshire, and then there's Lindores Abbey (a Lowlands malt whisky from Fife) which is also on one of our cycling routes... or if you prefer why not grab a freshly made tea or coffee?

If the tours have started/finished in Pitlochry then we are are short walk away from local establishments who can offer a huge selection of malt whiskies.

Of course you’re coming to Scotland for an unforgettable time, and to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The guide is there to safely guide you on the Scottish roads. And while these tours are for an exclusive small group of people (maximum of 4 plus guide), there will be occasions where people who have never met before will cycle together on the same tour, so the 'motto' on all our tours is 'please don't treat another person in a way you wouldn't want to be treated yourself'.

Also because we have to cycle on a public road, there are of course other road users. As a result, we are required by law to disclose some conditions to you. Please read all terms and conditions

Book your Tour

How to book your Tour

There are no cash payments at the premises, so all tours must be booked in advance, or paid by debit or credit card (at the shop/hub) prior to the tour. All our tours starting in Pitlochry can now be booked online.

Please note that there are only a maximum of 4 places on any given tour.

It is also worth mentioning that if the ‘private tour’ option has been booked in advance then there are no other places or bikes available on that day. For more info about the ‘private tour’ (from 1 up to a maximum of 3 people for the same fee) please see our Tours section, or simply contact us by email or via the website.

To reserve your place on one of our tours that start in Perth, you can either send us an email to [email protected], or simply complete the Contact Us section. As there are only 4 slots on any of our tours we operate on a first-come first-served basis with all our bookings. Please also include the height of each person - We will then supply you with the correct frame size.

Highland Bike Tours (HBT) make use of Hybrid E-Bikes with a classic Dutch design, so suitable to use while wearing casual clothing. You can view images of these e-bikes on the FAQs page (see above), or on our Instagram link (see below).

Guided E-Bike Tours also in the Dutch language. NL: Samen met een Nederlandssprekende tourgids ervaar je al het moois dat de Schotse Hooglanden te bieden heeft op een unieke manier. Vanaf 2023 zijn er tours die vertrekken vanuit Pitlochry! - Voor meer info zie ook: (our Dutch language website)

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