Cycling in the Benelux region

24 May 2023
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From a recent trip back to the Benelux region, a fun day out using a vintage 1980’s Sparta bicycle, and ended up covering approx. 65km’s on a round trip from Eindhoven out towards the Belgian border at a place called Achel, then through a forest cycling route to Hamont, back over the border into Holland near a town called Budel, and then across the Leenderbos nature reserve on purpose built cycle paths all the way over to a village called Heeze without seeing a single vehicle!

Eventually reached a place called Someren, and then the last leg of the cycle back to Eindhoven was along quiet country roads, where they have made any vehicle a guest on all these connecting roads (see photo) – basically all these country roads have been turned into cycle lanes, where the vehicle space in the middle has the maximum width of just one vehicle, and then on each side plenty of room for cyclists to head in each direction. This way old and young can get out on their bikes and stay healthy!

This is of course something any local council or government could also implement here in Scotland.. just as long as when they did this they also got rid of all those potholes you see on the majority of UK roads that have been emerging since around the 1980’s onwards that nobody has really bothered to repair properly?!

Photos; Sparta bike at NL/B border (main blog page photo), country road with cycle lanes situated between Someren and Heeze (Brabant region), and banner photo: green sparta in leenderbos national park

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