Perthshire up close by E-Bike

23 September 2021
Big 11

All scenic photos on the website, and on our Instagram & Twitter accounts have been taken during one of our tours from Perth.. Ruined castles, ancient distilleries, rare wildlife and stunning scenery… you also get to see so much more when out on a bike ride… from dense woodland and open plains to viewing some of the highest mountain tops in the UK from up close… so why not join us for a spot of adventure while breathing in all that fresh air?

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Please note that there are only a maximum of 4 places for any given tour. So by booking your bike through the Bike Rent portal you are simply reserving your place on a full day or half day tour. We will then ensure you are provided with the correct bike size on the day of the tour itself.

You can also reserve a place on our ‘E-Bike Taster Experience’ (2-hour mini tour) by either sending us an email with your details, or by completing the Contact Us section at the bottom of this webpage. There are no cash payments at premises, so all these tours must be paid by debit or credit card (at the shop/hub) prior to the tour.

It is also worth mentioning that if the ‘private tour’ option has been booked in advance then there are no other places or bikes available on that day.

32 St John St, Perth PH1 5SP, Scotland

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